10-06-2018 06:37 AM
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  1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just got a new SIM and when the network sent me the "Configuration messages", I wasn't able to find them anywhere. Nor could I locate a section that said "Configuration messages" like in the older android versions. I thought it may be a fault from the network's side but when I inserted the SIM into other phones, I was able to receive and locate my configuration messages.
    05-27-2017 03:58 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Sometimes the carrier sends a text message. Sometimes, updates or changes are done automatically once you accept them. Is the phone working okay?
    05-27-2017 06:46 AM
  3. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    The phone is fine but the Internet configuration messages have not been installed.
    05-27-2017 08:37 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome as a new member.

    In other words, you can text and call, but have no Internet connection over mobile data? It may be worth trying a Power Off & Restart to see whether that fixes it. I've occasionally been instructed to do that myself as a final step after receiving carrier settings updates.
    05-27-2017 03:54 PM
  5. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I'm afraid you didn't really understand what I meant. The sim is fine and so is my phone. I can connect to the internet but I can only use 2G because the internet settings have not been installed which you receive in the configuration messages whose section I cannot locate.
    05-27-2017 06:50 PM
  6. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I just need to find where configuration messages are. But I can't locate it's section
    05-27-2017 06:51 PM
  7. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    So, what do I do?
    05-28-2017 04:31 PM
  8. belodion's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I missed your earlier response. I'll have to pass this on to others.
    05-28-2017 06:10 PM
  9. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    Thank you for your time.
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    05-28-2017 06:21 PM
  10. belodion's Avatar
    Another member, hallux, has suggested contacting your carrier with the request that they send the message again.
    05-28-2017 07:03 PM
  11. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    The message is sent every time the SIM is inserted in a mobile device that doesn't have the SIM's internet settings installed. I have inserted the SIM in other devices and was able to receive the messages but not so much here. I could also access the configuration messages section in the menu in Android 5.0 but I am unable to locate any such section in Nougat.
    05-28-2017 07:29 PM
  12. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    05-31-2017 11:40 PM
  13. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    Anyone Alive?
    06-12-2017 12:59 AM
  14. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I referring to the settings under Access Point Names. It's showing, "Zong Internet" and "Zongmms" but if you click on it then everything is "Not set" there meaning the Internet Settings have not been installed.

    I'm 100% sure that the problem isn't in the SIM card at all. I inserted it in some other phones and was able to receive and install the Configuration messages.

    I could recieve the APN settings when I had Android 5.0 on my phone but after flashing Android Nougat, I can't locate any section for the Configuration messages nor am I able to receive a pop-up for it.

    My Carrier is a Chinese company called "Zong".
    06-13-2017 03:31 AM
  15. hallux's Avatar
    You say you flashed Nougat, was Nougat actually available for your device or did you find a 3rd-party ROM to install it on your device? This could be one problem resulting from the 3rd-party ROM.
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    06-13-2017 04:47 AM
  16. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    Lineage OS.
    06-13-2017 04:49 AM
  17. hallux's Avatar
    Ahhh, now we're getting somewhere. Once you start flashing 3rd-party ROMs you add a whole other layer of complexity or failure points. Your carrier may be reluctant to help much with a non-stock OS installed.
    06-13-2017 05:01 AM
  18. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I don't think my Carrier knows of that. I feel like I'm receiving the APN settings but am just unable to locate them. Like if there could just be a folder or a section for them?
    06-13-2017 05:09 AM
  19. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    Haven't received a reply? anyone?
    07-18-2017 10:30 AM
  20. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    What are the known bugs for Lineage and your device?
    07-18-2017 10:52 AM
  21. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I don't know.
    07-21-2017 11:31 PM
  22. belodion's Avatar
    How about reflashing the stock ROM?
    07-22-2017 07:30 AM
  23. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    I flashed CM 13 and still the same. But Lineage OS and CM 13 are pretty similar aren't they?
    07-22-2017 07:32 AM
  24. belodion's Avatar
    I'm afraid I don't know.
    07-22-2017 08:28 AM
  25. That Kid in Africa's Avatar
    Alright. Can you recommend me a Custom ROM for SM-900FD Galaxy S5 Duos then that has Root in it and saves energy similarly to that of CM 13? I'll flash that on my phone.
    07-22-2017 08:33 AM
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