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    i have a galaxy s5 with this details:
    Model: SM-G900F
    Device type: kltevzw
    Product name: kltevzw
    Manufacturing date: 2014.06.18
    Mobile operator: Cellcom IL
    KNOX warranty bit:

    Product Code: Not Active
    PDA: G900FXXU2BOK3
    CSC: G900VVZW2BOK3
    Baseband: G900VVRU2BOK3
    Bootloader: G900VVRU2BOK3

    Changelist: 4782027
    Buildnumber: LRX21T.G900FXXU2BOK3
    Build date: 2015. 11. 17. (화) 20:11:35 KST
    Build fingerprint: Verizon/kltevzw/kltevzw:5.0/LRX21T/G900FXXU2BOK3:user/release-keys
    Build description: kltevzw-user 5.0 LRX21T G900FXXU2BOK3 release-keys
    Android version: 5.0
    Kernel version: 3.4.0-4782027

    and now - i can't use my camera (an error messege every time i try to open it), so i downloaded a stock firmwere to the model sm-g900f. tried unsuccesfully to flash it - so start learning what stucking it. anyway - is there any solution to flash a new smg900f bootloader instead of the incompatible smg900v? or - how to flash a official firmwere?
    ah, also - the s5 is already rooted.
    06-29-2017 05:17 AM

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