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    If the S5 is going to be your next device there will be a lot of information and resources available as we get closer to the expected announcement on the 24th and subsequent release. Below is a list of references to help you get a jump start and figure out what you may want to use once the S5 is in your hands. The information provided should help you adjust to the world of Android if you are a first time user. For everyone else, hopefully the information also serves well and helps you discover new apps to make the Android experience that much better.

    The following information is generalized and may be edited as information is made available leading up to announcement of the hardware, software and services the S5 will include. References listed below are in no particular order and the post will be edited based on suggestions.

    Android Central References

    Samsung Galaxy S5 | Android Central - Android Central S5 page with links to the latest post & news updates
    Android Central App - Read the latest blog updates, listen to podcasts and more on the go!
    Android Central Forums App - Best way to participate on the forums via mobile.

    New to Android? Read this two-part getting started with Android Guide prepared by Android Central Ambassador B. Diddy!

    Ambassador Guides, Tips & How-To's - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com - A lot of good resources and topics discussed in here that are worth a look.


    Text Messaging - We don’t know what messaging app the S5 will ship with as the default - Hangouts or Samsung’s own messaging app. For most those may be acceptable. However, if you want something that offers more customization or features, the following list of apps are good replacements to whatever messaging app the S5 ships with:

    Evolve SMS
    Chomp SMS
    Handcent SMS
    Go SMS
    Textra SMS,

    Gallery/Photo Viewer - The S5 could ship with two gallery apps: photos & gallery. Athough those two apps do the job just well, there could still be room for alternatives to make viewing and sharing photos a pleasant experience:

    Tool for Picasa - Google + photo viewer
    F-Stop Media Gallery

    Photo Editing - In most cases the basic editing features of the gallery app can get you by. For more advanced features and editing tools, give the following a try to enhance photos:

    Pixlr Express

    File Managers - For many users, the included File Manager on any device may be acceptable. However, the Play Store is filled with good alternatives. A few notable file manager replacement apps are:

    ES File Explorer
    Astro File Manager

    Transfer Files Wirelessly To PC - One of the biggest hassles of transferring files from your device to PC is having to look for that usb cable, and not everyone is. Do away with connecting to your PC and browse/transfer files wirelessly:

    WiFi File Explorer
    Wifi File Transfer

    Launchers - It’s rumored that the S5 may feature a new “Magazine UX”. If this is the case, it could be a good change from Touchwiz that we’ve all come to know and love (or not). Here are a few replacement launchers that should help fill the void that either TW or the new Magazine UX leaves:

    Nova Launcher
    Apex Launcher
    ADW Launcher
    Go Launcher


    Music/Podcasts - Everyone has there favorite music stations and services. Here are a few to get you started with the S5:

    Google Music
    BeyondPod Podcast Manager
    Doggcatcher Podcast Lite

    Productivity - There are many services to stay productive and sync'd across multiple devices while on Mobile. Here are a few to get you started:

    Google Drive
    02-17-2014 11:33 AM
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    If anyone has an other suggestions let us know and we'll include those in the references above.
    02-19-2014 10:31 AM
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    Good list of resources. Great write up!

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