1. ChinaOperatingSystem's Avatar
    From the AnTuTu result, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just slightly higher than the Galaxy Note 3.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 still breaks the 35,000 points.

    Source: Samsung Galaxy S5 First Benchmark Score Surfaces: AnTuTu Benchmark Test

    Galaxy S5 is slightly higher than Note 3 on AnTuTu-samsung-galaxy-s5-benchmark.png
    02-28-2014 08:56 AM
  2. dsignori's Avatar
    Interesting, though I haven't looked at benchmarks for a few years now. I'm sure the GS5 will be plenty powerful. After a certain point the benchmarks are just numbers, right? My GS4 couldn't be much faster or smoother as it is. I mean if your phone opens things immediately , doesn't lag, etc then after that IMO it's just numbers.

    The exception would be for powerful gaming I suppose, but I don't do any of that on my phone...
    02-28-2014 09:54 AM
  3. Love Divine's Avatar
    Don't know why anybody still puts stock in these things anymore after it was revealed that many manufacturers (Samsung first and foremost) blatantly "cheat" on them. It was known long before that that they can be easily manipulated. I guess the only thing they could theoretically be used for is comparing differences in performance between two Roms on the same device. Even then, they don't seem to indicate real world performance.
    robstunner likes this.
    02-28-2014 12:40 PM
  4. Joe113's Avatar
    Benchmarks.... DON'T MEAN SHIZ! #Worthless
    robstunner likes this.
    02-28-2014 12:44 PM
  5. ChinaOperatingSystem's Avatar
    at least benchmark is useful in some aspects
    02-28-2014 06:41 PM
  6. Jdroids's Avatar
    I'm not putting too much stock in benchmarks like I did before. After arrival of S4 pro, phones are plenty fast enough. User experience matters more.

    I found this from GSMarena for folks still interested how S5 performs.

    MWC 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Fit hands-on - GSMArena.com
    02-28-2014 08:07 PM

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