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    My story starts when i turned 14 and got a gift from my dad. It was a Garnet Red Galaxy s3. I was very excited and used it a lot, downloaded 4 apps and played. 5th Day was like, "Why is this device so laggy now"? why the contacts open after 10-12 seconds, why wifi gets disconnecting, why mobile hangs after i delete a 1gb folder? what has gone into its battery timing, i charge it to 100% nearly 3 times a day. These questions came everyday in my mind until factory resetting was the only option. I happily erased everything and DIDN'T BACKUP IT WAS A CLEAN RESET. Again 4 days= battery timing, contacts, no lag ===PERFECT YEAH!! BUT!!! 5th Day, contacts lagging, keypad loading after 7-8 setting. WHAT THE HELL!! doing this from 1.5 years now, factory resetted approximately 20-30 times. again that problem. tried everything on the internet. visited every forums. BUT TO NO AVAIL.
    The second chapter starts when galaxy s4 comes out and i borrow it from my friend. At start it was AWESOME JUST LIKE MY NEWLY BORN SAMSUNG GALAXY S3!! BUT 7TH DAY. Again those problems. 3 Month Ago, I again used the Note 3 of my cousin who recently came from Netherlands, And u know what? when i asked her to show me her phone, she said, " Do u have any idea why the contacts and keypad and gallery laggs?" AND SERIOUSLY I Didnt even dream of using her phone.
    2 moths later, i got an ipad 4,, now i have 52 apps on it AND IT IS THE SAME IPAD 4 WHICH I HAD BOUGHT 2 MONTHS EARLIER as good as new!!! now there is galaxy s5, so my question is FINGER PRINT SENSOR, DOWNLOAD BOOSTER AND 16MP CAMERA WITH A 2800mAh BATTERY AND QUAD-CORE PROCESSOR, will this be another lag machine from samsung?? and what about apple, a dual core processor and never laggs, can u think of it why??? need serious repliers
    04-04-2014 12:51 PM
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    Good story
    04-04-2014 12:57 PM
  3. BarfingMonkey's Avatar
    I like cheeseburgers
    04-04-2014 12:59 PM
  4. Fr0gburp3r's Avatar
    It will still lag, unfortunately.

    04-04-2014 01:03 PM
  5. psp1232171's Avatar
    Def not. Demoed one at best buy with the retail software running and absolutely no lag. The snapdragon 801 is sweet.

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    04-04-2014 01:14 PM
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    Def not. Demoed one at best buy with the retail software running and absolutely no lag. The snapdragon 801 is sweet.

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    That's fine. But the question is will it run the same 2-3 months down the road after multiple apps are installed, pictures, videos..etc? Having said that I'm excited to get my SG5. It will be my first android phone after owning every iPhone since 2007.
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    04-04-2014 01:21 PM
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    I'm not trying to flame but this thread is total crap. If the plural of anecdote is not data, then one story is not even an anecdote. Having said that, the reason that Apple products do not lag after as much (although they do as everyone I know that has an iPhone hits the same issues after 14 to 16 months too) is because Apple does not ask it to do what Android allows its systems to do. No one ever said that the garden wasn't beautiful, just that we occasionally want to see what's outside the walls.

    But to each their own. I certainly would not troll an Apple forum telling you why your choice sucks so I am not trying to tell you why my choice doesn't suck.

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    04-04-2014 01:31 PM
  8. jakeypride's Avatar
    Did you have tmobile? They slow your phone down if you don't have unlimited.
    04-04-2014 01:32 PM

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