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    Verizon disables PayPal fingerprint support in the Galaxy S5 | SamMobile

    "Yesterday, PayPal announced that its fingerprint-based authentication system was live in 25 countries. Users will be able to authenticate their digital purchases on PayPal by swiping down on the home button. The idea is a novel way of extending the functionality offered by the fingerprint sensor. However, it looks like all carriers are not going to have this feature enabled. Droid-Life discovered that the PayPal authentication feature was disabled in Verizons version of the Galaxy S5. It is unclear as to why Verizon would disable this functionality, given that it is the only carrier who seems to have removed this feature. users trying to install a fingerrint-based authentication client on Verizons Galaxy S5 are being shown a message that says this application will not work on your device."
    04-12-2014 12:32 AM

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