1. Zylograth's Avatar
    My RAM is almost at full utilization with 0 apps running. Wtf?
    04-14-2014 08:17 PM
  2. cardboard60's Avatar
    Are you deleting out the programs that you have looked at
    Had to go to the AT&T store. The lady took a lot of things I had looked at and slid them off the screen.
    Said they take up memory and eat the battery.
    04-14-2014 08:44 PM
  3. neonworm's Avatar
    Don't worry about RAM usage unless your phone is lagging because of it.
    04-14-2014 08:48 PM
  4. stlrfan78's Avatar
    Get the clean master app from play store.

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-15-2014 10:43 PM
  5. atg284's Avatar
    2 GB is plenty. Android will kill a task on the ram if it needs more room as you open another one. I tried to overload the system by opening every large program on my S5 and it still performed great. 2 GB is fine. If you do not see slow downs then you should not worry about it. At least it's not apple with their 1GB or ram

    Also touchwiz on my S5 is lightning fast.
    20blks likes this.
    04-15-2014 10:58 PM

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