1. SteveW888's Avatar
    Likely will be moving from Nexus 5 to GS5 for the better camera but as someone that prefers stock android I'm wondering if there's any major downside or annoyance with the latest version of TouchWiz? Thanks for your replies.

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    04-14-2014 08:54 PM
  2. atg284's Avatar
    I was originally planning on putting Nova on my S5 but honestly I don't mind touchwiz at all. Just made some custom widgets, changed the background image, uninstalled/disabled 90% of the bloat, and a few other little changes and I'm loving it!
    04-14-2014 09:08 PM
  3. llfloyd79's Avatar
    It's not bad this time around. I welcome the changes that were made to it. No lag from what I see. So far so good.

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    04-14-2014 09:14 PM
  4. HOLLYWOODANT215's Avatar
    Not bad I haven't used nova at all

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    04-14-2014 09:23 PM

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