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    Okay, so I have had my Razr Maxx for 2+ years. I am looking to get a new phone, and I am torn between pulling the trigger on the S5, and going with the brute battery on the Droid Maxx...SO

    Can someone tell me, or show me a link to a real world comparison between the two? Every test I have seen only shows the S5 against phones with batteries smaller than the 2800 that comes in the S5. Well, I have seen one with a Razr Maxx, but nothing with the next gen maxx. Anyway, I do not understand all of the techy terms that I am seeing on these things. I am looking for real numbers... I.E. constant browser usage vs. constant browser usage.

    Now, what I have seen is that the processor seems to be more efficient than that of the Maxx, which could lend a lot to battery life, even with a quad core.

    Sooooooo, mainly using game apps and the web browser in pretty consistent with my daily activity... I mean, I talk on it a good bit, and I text frequently... but like I said, I can't find a real deal comparison... apples to apples, oranges to oranges. To be quite honest, my biggest fear is being stuck to a work station computer like an umbilical, just like the iheads that I work with... thanks.
    04-15-2014 09:00 PM

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