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    When I had my S3 it was the worst phone I have ever had (Palm Pixi, HTC Droid Inc2, GS3, and now LG G2, plus a horde of dumb phones) with respect making phone calls - been with Verizon for 10 years+. It dropped more calls, I had to "find" that spot in my house where it would work and even then only marginally acceptable call quality. Can someone who might have access to other phones (S3, S4, S5, or even other OEMs) do a semi-objective comparison with the S5 (using something like Network Signal Info, or checking actually signal strength in the menus). I would like to at least consider the S5 for my next phone BUT I can't do so unless I have some assurance that it will work acceptably as a phone. I tested the S3 at launch for a full two weeks (bought it preorder at launch in 2012) and thought it would be OK. It never was. I have no problem with Samsung's build design (or lack thereof according to some people) as I am definitely a function over form type of person and had no problem with the S3 as it was designed. As an additional aside, since I've gotten my LG G2 I have compared WiFi and bluetooth signals with the S3 and the S3 is decidedly inferior in both of those areas also (by an order of magnitude). My S3 used to stutter in its connection to all my bluetooth headsets if I happened to be moving the S3 while I was walking and also had shorter range if it was stationary. The WiFi signal strength (using any of the free WiFi signal apps Netgears WiFi Analytics) was also worse by at least 10 db. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to at least consider the S5 going forward (although I think the G3 (as long as it doesn't grow too much with the QHD screen and battery life is still stellar) and Moto X2 (as long as it gets a MUCH better camera - probably a futile hope given Moto's track record with camera sensors) are probably going to be much better products. I love my G2, it is an outstanding performer but it's just too tempting with upgrades available every year (my wife still loves her dumb phone so I get hers every year) to get something newer.
    04-16-2014 06:41 PM

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