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    Hi Guys, I've recently joined the forum and have loved reading through all your posts so far

    I have noticed people speaking of lag on the S5, due to touchwiz unfortunately, but I have found a simple way of speeding up the opening of apps quite significantly - if you have seen the HTC One M8 vs S5 app opening test video, you'll have seen how the S5 was beaten on almost all apps, however this trick will make it a lot more like the speed of the HTC

    If you go into developer settings (activated by tapping the "Build Number" part of the About section) and turn down 'Animator duration Scale' 'Window Animation Scale' and 'Transition Duration Scale' from 1.0 to 0, it really speeds up the opening of apps. you can turn off all of the settings or keep on the animation but turn the duration to 0 - it will keep the animation but speed it up significantly. Not sure sure they thought we would want to wait but there you go!

    In the developer menu you can also change from using the Dalvik runtime system to the New ART system - which is supposed to pre empt what you are going to do before you do it and thus speed up the phone by the time you do it. I have switched and it seems good, I thought it was perfectly fine before though in all honesty.

    Finally you can also limit background processes to 0 up to 4 or use 'standard' which isn't expanded upon in the menu, i have found that changing it to anything but standard resets when you restart the phone but i'm not sure.

    So there are a few things you can do. Hope this helps
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    04-18-2014 12:47 PM

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