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    Ok guys need help big time. I'm working in Afghanistan and have the S3 and my screen is badly cracked so it's great timing to get the S5. I want an international unlocked phone that I can also tether over here. I'm on AT&T back in the states so it's an GSM I need also. I'm finding so many different ones on web sites but no information as to what I need. A lot of them only say 3G as the answer below on the G900H. I surly want a model that supports G4 back in the states and can anyone explain the G4 LTE Vs the G4. Surly I don't want just a G3 model heck my Samsung S3 did G4 I'm sure. Any help is greatly appreciated and even better would be the link to also but your recommendations.

    Answer from a seller

    G900F - has LTE but LTE will not work on AT&T, but the 3G will work.

    G900H - Only 3G

    My Question

    I work overseas but will be home in the states off & on and someone told me I'd
    better make sure it will work on the AT&T GMS network when I get back so that's what
    I need to Know. Also what is the difference between this SM-G900F & the G900H? One
    last question what is the difference between G4 and G4 LTE?
    04-20-2014 03:01 AM
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    4G stands for Fourth Generation and 4G LTE stands for Fourth Generation, Long Term Evolution.
    i.e it's faster.
    the 900h is the Samsungs very own octa core variant. it is reportedly marginally faster than 900f qualcomm offering. The 900h won't do lte, so get the 900f regardless of your provider state side it is your safest option (whether 3g only or 4g/lte). The 900f is also more power efficient.
    04-21-2014 02:07 AM

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