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    I just installed Kindle for Samsung after resisting it for a few hours. I went to the Samsung App Store and was told I had to download it from the Samsung Store on my Samsung Galaxy S5 2014. Then I uninstalled my Kindle for Android App.

    They now only offer ONE font but it is the best I've seen and I have Kindle for PC, Kindle Fire HDX 2013, Kindle Fire HD 2012, Paperwhite 2013 and Paperwhite 2012.

    One new limitation is that it imposes the device limit for eBooks purchased from Amazon. Kindle for Android ignored that limit. I had to remove the two current eBooks I'm reading from my Kindle Fire HD 2012.

    The bookmark handling still does not match the other apps. Hopefully they will improve that. They also offer an option to turn pages with the volume control. Since I play music when I read, I could not use that option.

    I use white text on black background on both my Fires and will use it on the Kindle for Samsung as well. That font is the best I've seen and is crystal clear due to its width and contrast in white to a black background. I prefer it to the Kindle Fire HDX 2013. Its too bad but I'll probably be reading on my S5 now and ignoring my before loved HDX 2013.

    The Kindle MP3 player seems better than the one on the HDX 2013 as well. Plus, the Galaxy S5 has a much bigger screen than all iPhones and all other devices. Its close to the size of the HDX 2013 but much lighter and I can carry it in my pocket. I had to have my wife carry the HDX 2013 for me in her pocketbook. Plus, I can make telephone calls and use messaging while reading an eBook.

    I had planned to continue using my HDX 2013 at home and the S5 only when away from home. Now it looks like I'll only be using my S5 at home as well.

    Finally, the Kindle for Samsung is fully compatible with the S5 and I did not have to allow an unknown app to run on my unit. This app makes the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S5 OVER the iPhone 5s a must IMHO.

    One bug with this new Kindle for Samsung App is that it registers my Samsung Galaxy S5 TWICE at the Kindle site. That makes me appear to have 7 devices which is one over the 6 limit. Thus, I had to remove the two current eBooks I'm reading from my Kindle Fire HD 2012.

    I tried deregistering one of those S5's but then both deleted. Then I re-installed the App again and it registered TWICE. If one doesn't disappear in a few days, I'll call Amazon Technical Support. I can reach them by using Mayday on my Kindle Fire HDX 2013.
    04-20-2014 11:46 AM

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