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    Anyone else seeing issues here?

    I set my phone up to record a performance that lasted 2 hours. The recordings automatically stopped when the file size reached 4GB (the files were stored on my 64GB SD card). I eventually ended up with 4 separate video files, each 4GB in size. So I wanted to go watch the first on the phone. When I launched the video app, I got nothing but a black screen, and the OS eventually said the app was not responding and asked me to wait or kill it. I waited about 8 times and gave up, no luck, no response.

    Then I connected up the USB cable to transfer the files to my PC. Each time I tried to drag and drop, I got a "Resource is busy" error (Windows 7). So I tried a Bluetooth file transfer and that seemed to work, but I didn't want to wait forever for each file to transfer, so I aborted it.

    Then I went back to the phone to try the USB transfer again, and noticed a few of the file sizes changed! One was now 1.27GB instead of 4GB. I tried to view that video but the player said the file was corrupted! Crap.

    So finally I go to My Files, select the 4 video files, and delete them, but all of the sudden my phone reboots!

    What the heck? Not only lost my videos, but ended up with nice reboot as icing on the cake!
    04-21-2014 01:06 PM

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