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    I selected a couple of tracks to be used for ringtone and notification. The tracks were hangouts_videocall.ogg and hangouts_message.ogg. They worked for a while, then both the ringtone and the notification reverted to the defaults. I checked the settings and they were both "unknown", and the tracks were no longer available. I'm not sure what happened that caused the change, but it might have been related to disabling some bloatware that I won't ever use. I downloaded the full set of ringtones and notifications to see if I somehow deleted the tracks by accident. The two tracks are not in the list. I installed es file explorer and started looking around the file system. (My phone is not rooted.) I found the folder /system/media/audio where ringtones, notifications, etc. are located. The tracks in the directories are exactly the same as the ones I downloaded, and they don't include the two tracks I had previously set. Hmm... However, after searching around, I found the two "missing" tracks were inside /sdcard/ringtones. I found this strange, since my phone doesn't even have an SD card. What's also strange is that the tracks mysteriously reappeared on the list of available ringtones and notifications. I reset them and they are working again. While I was looking around the file system, I found another track called over_the-horizon.mp3 in /system/hidden/internal_sdcard/samsung/music. This track doesn't seem to be visible using any of the media players, so I can't help but wonder why it's there. There is an ogg version of the same track in /system/media/audio/ringtones. Anyone have an explanation for this? Is there a hidden internal SD card in the GS5? If so, why? If someone who has a file explore installed would see if their phone is the same as mine, I'd really appreciate it.
    04-22-2014 03:10 AM
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    Any thoughts on this?
    04-23-2014 01:45 PM

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