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    Picked up the S5 yesterday and my first reaction to getting it out of the box was deja vu. My mind immediately thought I was holding my old Galaxy S2 in my hands. I am coming from an S3 which was a huge improvement over the S2 in terms of build quality and feel of the phone. I expected the feel of the S5 to be leaps and bounds over the S3 but sadly I feel that it has taken a giant leap back. While I don't mind the feel of the back cover the plastic "metal" trim around the phone looks so cheesy. Real metal would have been very much appreciated. After holding an iPhone and an M8 the S5 does not feel like a 2014 flagship phone.

    As for the rest of the phone, it's pretty awesome. The screen is just fantastic. Bright, crisp, and gorgeous colors. It makes looking at the S3 painful. The camera is amazing too. Was taking pictures in my low light kitchen last night and was shocked to see how well they came out. The phone is very snappy (although my S3 wasn't a slouch either, I still thought it was holding its own). The only thing missing is root right now.

    On another note, Samsung nailed the sizing of this phone. I am an Android fanboy through and through, but when it comes to handset manufactures I have no sides. I have been wanting an HTC since the M7 came out and hesitated to get one. Decided to wait it out another year. Loved the idea of the M8 (build quality is just outstanding) but it's just too massive. Same goes with the Sony X2 and LG.

    Two years with my S3 and it's still in amazing shape (no case). I am hoping the S5 will provide the same.
    04-22-2014 07:02 AM

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