View Poll Results: Why do you think Samsung has removed built-in wireless charging?

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  • Manufacturing costs.

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  • They're greedy jerks!

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  • To keep carriers from messing with hardware.

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  1. TenshiNo's Avatar
    I've been seeing and hearing a lot of comments about how the Galaxy S5 (Note 3, also) doesn't have wireless charging built-in, right out of the box, and you have to by an accessory kit if you want wireless charging capability. There are many theories, ranging from trying to keep manufacturing costs down, limiting the thickness of the device (no antenna), and Samsung trying to rip everyone off by making them purchase a separate accessory. It was even discussed on a recent episode of the AC podcast.

    I have a different theory...

    Looking back at previous devices sold with wireless charging built-in, there was a common theme: carrier exclusivity.

    Big Red seems especially aggressive in trying to be the only carrier to offer certain models of device with wireless charging. Since Samsung has now made that an "add-on" option, the carriers no longer seem to have the ability to try and be exclusive with it. At best, they could modify their device so that it doesn't work with Samsung's kit, but that would only serve to hurt them.

    While I'm sure Samsung isn't losing any sleep over the extra money they're making on the wireless charging kit, it seems like there might be some benefit in it for us consumers, too.

    What do you guys think?
    04-23-2014 04:16 PM

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