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    I am waiting for my new S5 and trying to prepare.

    Will be installing a 64g sd card.

    I have an old galaxy nexus (not rooted).

    1)How do I back up all files from the phone? I hooked it to my computer via USB and only see two folders: DCIM and Pictures. Not all is showing.

    2)When I remove the sim from old phone and fit it to new one, will the old one still go on so I can see what data I have there, programs, etc. that I want on the new one?

    3) How do I get my ringtones that I have made on my old one and get them to correct folder in new phone?

    4) Will all of my apps installed on old phone automatically download to my new one via playstore (paid and free ones) or will they not because they don't see themselves installed on the new one?

    5)My calendars, contacts, etc. Once I set up the accounts on the new phone will these all download automatically to it?

    Thank you for your help and any other info. appreciated!!!
    04-23-2014 08:22 PM

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