09-12-2016 03:05 AM
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  1. Deniz Genc's Avatar
    i live in the uk and i sent my phone off for this problem twice to carphone warehouse and they sent it back without repairing twice. so then i went to samsung because i thought they would know better that the retailer. and the first time i sent it to samsung, they sent it back with the same issue, the second time i sent it in to samsung AGAIN they sent it back without repairing the black screen issue. i called them up and they said that it is an issue that happens randomly so the problem must not have happened when the samsung technician was looking at it. VERY ANGRY!
    01-27-2015 12:05 PM
  2. Android_G906S's Avatar
    Hello Guys, I have the same issue with my Samsung S5 G906s. Every time I power up the device it boots as normal. I can hear the start up sounds. I am still able to shut it down properly because the touch is still working (I just locate the Power Off and OK portion in the screen). But the LCD won't lights up. Sometimes it lights up but after I press the lock/power key, the issue happens. Do you think the problem here is the loose flex ribbon connecting from LCD to board?

    Thank you
    02-03-2015 07:45 PM
  3. Ralph Boccalini's Avatar
    Facing the same problem with the new S5, when attempting to get the normal scree without rebooting when i hit my finger on the top of the screen (drop down menu zone) it's works again..??..
    02-05-2015 02:43 AM
  4. Android_G906S's Avatar
    I removed the display assembly of my S5. The flex which connects the LCD to board is in place. Do not try to open your S5 if you suspect that it is just only a loose flex connector. The flex is firmly attached and a simple drop will not make it loose.

    I am still waiting for the possible solution. But in my case, I conclude that this is a hardware issue. Probably the power supply from the board to LCD is fluctuating or malfunctioning. Or it can be the LCD itself.

    Is it possible to replace the G906S LCD to a normal S5 LCD? Anyone?
    02-05-2015 05:35 PM
  5. Gustavo Ribeiro's Avatar
    Hello everybody. I bought my s5 on July 2014. It came with all those problems you guys have already told us. In my opinion those problems are related to the android version. My cellphone came with android kitkat 4.4.2.

    What are the android versions of your galaxy s5 guys?

    I really hope that those bugs will be fixed in the next android version lollipop 5..
    02-05-2015 07:53 PM
  6. Android_G906S's Avatar
    Mine is 4.4.2.

    If this is a software related issue, you should have a boot screen during start up. Or you can access the Download (Odin) mode or the Recovery mode. If none of those mentioned possibilities are present, it is a hardware issue. Anyone to contest?
    02-05-2015 08:53 PM
  7. Deniz Genc's Avatar
    im on lollipop now and still having the issue, except this time i dont have to take the battery out, when it happens i just wait 30 seconds and when i try again it turns on... still annoying.
    i tried everything literally...
    i reset my phone and used it like that and it still happened i also disabled the stock apps.

    fustration is real.
    dont think its a hardware issue as samsung and carphone warehouse reset and flash hardware reset it multiple times and still not working.
    02-13-2015 10:48 AM
  8. ZaKaTRoN's Avatar
    Anyone has tried if with new BOB7, problem is present?
    02-26-2015 02:03 PM
  9. Pierre van Mever's Avatar
    Dear forum members,

    Since the beginning I was facing the same issue with my Galaxy S5, the black screen problem. Today I went to the official Samsung Service Center in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) I prepared a complete case with evidence :-). As soon when I started talking the service guy interrupted me and he told me I had no more explaining to do, it is a known issue! They took in the phone and they will replace the LCD screen, so it's definitely an issue with the phone and it is not software, memory card etc related!
    02-26-2015 03:02 PM
  10. andrewjs18's Avatar
    I thought sprint/android/samsung had this issue nipped in the bud with the last update before lollipop as I hadn't had this issue in months...then I updated to lollipop and now the issue is occurring again.

    02-26-2015 03:19 PM
  11. Pierre van Mever's Avatar
    I also hoped for the best with Lollipop, but my hope was for nothing, the same issue on Lollipop.... So my advice: Since the phone at least in Europe has a 2 year warranty, go to the official samsung service center and let them replace the LCD screen. And no I never dropped my phone!
    02-26-2015 03:23 PM
  12. Deniz Genc's Avatar
    just sent s5 into repair for the 5TH TIME!!
    they said if they did not repair my phone this time too they would give me a replacement
    well hopefully
    03-14-2015 01:06 PM
  13. Deniz Genc's Avatar
    Got my phone back yesterday and still having the same issue.
    carphone warehouse said they would exchange it as i have sent it 5 times.
    so i have to send it off again to request an exchange.
    03-21-2015 07:23 AM
  14. dj9928's Avatar
    I was having this issue, for me I think it was one of 2 things. I had a cheap case on it that was very tight, so tight I couldn't press the buttons, I took the case off, I also updated to BOC 7, factory reset and cleared cache, no issues since and I was having this issue every day. That was yesterday and no issues today at all.
    03-21-2015 02:31 PM
  15. ZaKaTRoN's Avatar
    I was having this issue, for me I think it was one of 2 things. I had a cheap case on it that was very tight, so tight I couldn't press the buttons, I took the case off, I also updated to BOC 7, factory reset and cleared cache, no issues since and I was having this issue every day. That was yesterday and no issues today at all.
    First and second day with BOC7 no black screen after unlock screen, BUT after three days, i got this issue again.

    No factory reset in my case, just cleaned cache.
    03-23-2015 05:59 AM
  16. anon(5518418)'s Avatar
    I am also having this issue. But I have noticed now were a battery pull used to get it going more often than not now when I pull the battery and put it back in and power on I get static on the screen, it usually takes a few battery pulls to get it back in action.

    Is there any form of cure? Sure I could send it back to Samsung as its under warranty but that is a major inconvenience.
    03-25-2015 02:08 AM
  17. Deniz Genc's Avatar
    got my phone back from carphone warehouse. they changed it with a new one after the 6th time. not having any problems. the issue does not go away unless you get a new phone.
    04-02-2015 01:21 PM
  18. sur81's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I think i solved this problem without replacement

    Solution is:

    Settings > Security > Trust agents > Smart Lock (Google)-Off (its on by default) and Pin Windows --off

    I think this solves problem but additionally you sholud close Developer options too.

    Thank you,
    Have a nice day.
    04-14-2015 05:23 AM
  19. Happy Tails's Avatar
    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 five months ago and have had the same issue as many others in this forum. Sometimes my phone takes along time to wake up after being put to sleep and other times randomly when I pull my phone out of my pocket or purse to use it the screen is black. I have seen the same flash of light and then a black screen. The two lights for the buttons at the bottom light up but the phone doesn't respond. Sometimes I have to pull the battery out and other times after a few minutes it begins working. It has been in an otterbox defender since being purchased and has never been dropped. I thought at first that it was my case causing a problem with the sensor, but started playing with my phone and discovered that when I apply slight pressure at just the right angle to the back of the phone or screen that it is almost guaranteed to happen.
    04-19-2015 01:12 PM
  20. Jay97788's Avatar
    I have just purchased a Samsung galaxy s5 mini, this also has the black screen problem,couldn't get screen back on until I tried tapping the back. Which worked! The screen come on straight away,phone has never been.dropped
    06-11-2015 01:32 AM
  21. Ranirat's Avatar
    I recently purchased a Galaxy S4 which also has this problem. I have read through this thread with a great deal of interest, and tried various things. I have not solved the problem, but have reduced the occurrences.

    1 - Disable auto-brightness (swipe down notification and untick AUTO)
    2 - When the screen is black, press the power button & release then do this again but slowly - not like double clicking a mouse. Usually 2 - 3 presses will bring back the lock screen. Do this too quickly and the lock screen will just flash & disappear again.

    So far, disabling the auto brightness has done it for me, but like everyone else, I won't be holding my breath! Would be interesting to know if this works for anyone else.

    I feel sure it is a software problem, and probably Android rather than a third party. I am running Lollipop 5.0.1
    07-23-2015 05:53 PM
  22. Ranirat's Avatar
    Actually, in my case, thus far, I HAVE solved the problem. Keeping the auto-brightness Unticked has certainly solved the black screen of death. If it comes back then - so will I! I hope this helps others out there suffering with this bizzare problem
    07-26-2015 07:20 AM
  23. Perry8989's Avatar
    Hi all, i am having the same issue with my S5: sometimes when i push the "home" button from standby the screen stays black but the phone is definitely working. I found out in my case the problem is caused from my silicon "bumper": in fact every time this happen (black screen upon wake up) if i lift the silicon case nearby the power button the screen immediately start working properly again. The case DOES NOT push the power button: in some way the additional pressure brought by the silicon cover on the right hand side edge of the phone causes the issue. Hopefully this can help you, cheers
    ironass likes this.
    09-29-2015 05:20 AM
  24. jimoba's Avatar
    I've been having the same problem, and I did a cache wipe, factory reset, and different power/home/volume combos, but the screen came back when it was good and ready (the longest time it was out was about 6 hours, during which time I took the phone to Verizon and a repair place, and contacted Samsung support, and nothing helped). The only thing that reliably brings the screen back is to take the battery out, leave it out for at least 10 minutes, and then turn it back on. It's not a permanent fix, but at least i'm able to reduce the amount of time my phone is out of commission. Since this is such a common problem, you'd think Samsung would make solving it a priority.
    09-29-2015 03:46 PM
  25. bigfancyellen's Avatar
    I can't turn my alarm off in the morning because all I have is a black screen. It takes hours for it to come back up after charging it. Anyone have an answer? Thanks.
    11-09-2015 12:22 AM
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