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    Hey guys, I just got my S5. I am trying to add a much needed added layer of security to the device through either a password or finger print. I have gone through the process of enabling both, each time when I return the lock screen it is not enabled?? Settings clear show it is on.

    I restarted the device, upon restart the finger print scanner was enabled upon restart. but once i return back to the lock screen it is gone. Anyone know why they wont stay enabled or enable at all?

    EDIT - Nevermind! figured out it was set to only enable after 10 mins of no activity.
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    04-27-2014 08:57 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Thanks for posting the solution.
    04-27-2014 11:58 AM
  3. wgraz's Avatar
    Thank you!! This was driving me nuts. I had registered my finger and also setup fingertip scanners at the unlock method (as opposed to swipe, etc). THAN YOU for letting me realize the time window wasn't long enough to try this!!

    06-13-2015 01:52 PM

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