1. nontiembomala's Avatar
    Just got my S5 and am still in the process of fixing it up the way I like it. I was at a friend's house last night and tried testing out the camera by taking pictures of the dog. It got more and more frustrating as the camera told me to hold still while it captured the photo, because the dog wasn't having any of it. I'm going to a concert soon and would like to take some pictures there, and something tells me the band isn't going to hold still long enough for the picture to complete. Is there a way to turn this function off or choose a quicker way to take a picture? Apologies if this has been asked before and I just couldn't find it. I did notice that it doesn't do this every time. I was just able to snap a quick picture of the living room without the "hold the device steady" instructions and it came out looking fine. I tried again, and the instructions came up.
    04-27-2014 03:16 PM
  2. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    What Camera mode are u on?
    Make sure you are on Auto
    Also go into the camera settings and turn Image Stabilization OFF
    04-27-2014 03:33 PM
  3. nontiembomala's Avatar
    It was on Auto. I knew it had to be a simple fix. Thank you!
    04-27-2014 03:58 PM

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