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    I just got my new S5 last night. I am coming from a Motorola RAZR MAXX with SmartActions. I know that there are several apps out there that are similar to SmartActions, but I have one problem that seams to be KitKat related.

    At my work there is almost no cell reception. That completely destroys any battery life. I do, however, have WIFI. With the RAZR I was able to set up a SmartAction that would put the phone into airplane mode, put it on silent, and then turn back on the WIFI. It auto-engaged at 7am and auto-disengaged at 3:30pm.

    I downloaded Tasker, but apparently with KitKat Google has made Airplane mode a secure section. So without rooting the phone, is there a way around this? Any ideas?
    04-29-2014 09:57 AM

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