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    I make or adjusted my Obliq case because I wanted to be able to hold my phone more securely. Here are some pictures of what I mean. My questions it; Are there any cases out there with a hand strap built into the case. I can't tell you how nice it is and not have to worry about the phone slipping out of my hands. I got the idea from the Verizon Store where they all have IPAD with grips on the back. I've searched but came up dry.
    Suggestions & Links please if you know of a case that does this well.

    I am looking for a case with a Strap on the back?-photo-4-29-14-3.26-pm.jpg

    I am looking for a case with a Strap on the back?-photo-4-29-14-3.25-pm.jpg
    04-29-2014 04:35 PM

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