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    Previously had several Moto Droid4's and several other phones such as Nokia Etc... and never had a problem placing calls through Bluetooth... However just replaced two Moto Droid4's with the Galaxy S5 and instantly discovered a problem... cannot initiate a handsfree call without manually unlocking the phone. this poses several problems. I work in an environment that is hazardous to phones (Have broken MANY screens) so I leave my phone either on my desk or on a nearby shelf... If I decide to place a call, I press my Bluetooth headset button, but nothing happens until I physically retrieve my phone and unlock it manually. Thus making the Handsfree feature worthless. Extremely inconvenient at best.
    The more dangerous aspect of this problem is when traveling.... Placing a call requires you to again physically pick up the phone and unlock it... I first try using the fingerprint reader but that thing is even more worthless.... after swiping my finger until reaching the maximum number of tries, it then prompts you to enter the unlock code on the keypad.... this problem is repeated for every subsequent call. creating a dangerous situation that is exactly the same as texting while driving.
    Called Samsung two weeks ago and was told that this was a known issue and it would be corrected in a few weeks.... I called them back today to ask about the status of the update and was told that this was now an "unknown problem". Now their solution is "Don't lock your phone"...!!!! Seriously? the only way to use the phone handsfree is to defeat the lock?
    The whole purpose of the lock is to secure your files and data... and their only suggestion is to disable the lock?
    I understand that there are possibly some third party apps to circumnavigate the lock but as with all third party apps... you can become vulnerable to hacks and other security issues using them.
    Has anyone else been given the runaround concerning this?
    I have 2 of these S5's and intended to purchase 10 more for the rest of the employees but I cannot allow data and sensitive information to be exposed on an unlocked phone at any time
    04-30-2014 04:17 AM

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