1. 100bagger's Avatar
    I have a really strange thing happening on my S5 in which the text I stored as my Owner Info is being truncated when displayed on the lock screen. To give you an idea on the length of text I stored it's something like this:

    "If found please call John @ 111-222-3333 for reward"

    I had set this up a week ago and it was properly showing the full text on the lock screen. Though since the content was wider than the phone width could accommodate on one line it would show it as a horizontal scrolling single line similar to a ticker tape. However, a couple days ago I noticed that the lock screen has now truncated the last part of my owner info even though it still scrolls the content horizontally (so should have no real limitation on length of the content). Now this is all that is displayed:

    "If found please call John @ 111-222-3333..."

    Thankfully (and coincidentally!?) it does at least show the full phone number. And admittedly the last two words are not exactly necessary. I wouldn't even probably care that it doesn't support the full version above except for the fact that I know it was working for the first few days after I originally set it up.

    Has any experienced this or have any knowledge of how to allow the lengthier content???

    04-30-2014 05:21 PM
  2. sjaduae's Avatar
    I noticed it was truncated on the S3 and S4 so I never tried a longer owner info just assumed the same on the S5
    04-30-2014 06:48 PM
  3. cyberdman's Avatar
    How odd is that. Mine has a very long line of text I entered. A long line of text should scroll across the screen. Mine does and always has.
    05-01-2014 05:49 AM
  4. sjaduae's Avatar
    How odd is that. Mine has a very long line of text I entered. A long line of text should scroll across the screen. Mine does and always has.
    Yes tried it now on the S5 and my longer message scrolls across the screen
    05-01-2014 01:47 PM
  5. 100bagger's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the replies and confirmations. I totally agree it makes sense for the longer message to scroll with no truncation. Interestingly I had to change the phone number earlier today... and just now when I checked my lock screen it's back to scrolling the entire message without truncation. So I can't say why it stopped working in the first place... but I can say that at least for me it started working again some time after I changed the phone number. Not sure if there's a direct cause and effect there but I hope that gives a clue to anyone in future who experiences this strange issue.
    05-01-2014 05:52 PM

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