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    Hello fellow Sprint S5 users!

    I'm back with my recent findings while snooping around. It looks like you can decrease the time it takes the phone to search for LTE.

    1.) Dialer app

    2.) ##3282#

    3.) edit

    4.) enter MSL number (you get this from sprint) (just say you are running diagnostics)

    5.) BSR

    6.) Timer Menu

    7.) nextLTEScan timer

    8.) Mine was set to 5 (minutes?)

    9.) Change to lower minute value for quicker scan.

    10.) Restart the phone.

    It looks like it has workd for people in this forum post: 3G to 4G - Network, Network Vision/LTE Deployment - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

    When more towers light up in my area I may lower this down to say 2-3 minutes. Can anyone confirm this lowers the connect time in a Spark launched area?

    *Dont change anything you are not comfortable with!*
    05-01-2014 09:32 PM

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