1. Traviud's Avatar
    While I'm thoroughly pleased with the specs of this phone, there are some early glitches.

    The primary issue I'm running into is that, several times today, I've left my phone off for relatively short periods of time (say 20-30 minutes) and came back to find that the phone had shut itself off. In these situations, there had been no recent notifications and the phone was just sitting there idle. It's like it got tired of waiting around and went to sleep. On the other hand, I had a missed call and it sat for 3 hours without shutting off.

    Also, the power button's responsiveness is disappointing. Depending on how long the phone sits, I've found it takes upwards of 3-4 seconds for the phone to respond to a touch of the power button and sometimes it won't go to the lock screen at all, which always makes me think the phone has shut itself off. On a second, more authoritative press, it usually works.

    Not sure whether to return it to T Mobile or if this is something a factory reset could fix.
    05-04-2014 12:33 AM
  2. Xzibit3's Avatar
    Screen auto hibernates to conserve power when not in use, you can change the different times till it goes into hibernation by going to settings>display>screen timeout; I doubt it didn't should off for 3 hours, maybe you have the reminder set to remind of at a certain time limit, I have that for my unread messages. If it doesn't go to the lockscreen at all, try a factory reset and if that doesn't work exchange it for a new one.
    05-04-2014 02:15 AM

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