1. PsychDoc's Avatar
    There has been a lot of discussion here about disabling "bloatware" that comes with the phone yet no definitive list of preinstalled apps that really serve no legitimate purpose and which should be disabled/stopped.

    I was wondering if anyone could share a list of specific apps that can and should be disabled to keep things smooth and speedy....AND, which will improve battery life.

    In fact, don't even limit yourself to apps. Any other functions of the phone that aren't always needed like location services and 4G if you're already in a wifi area. Any down side to shutting those off?
    05-06-2014 09:36 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    First I have to admit that I do not own the S5, however I am on Verizon. As far as bloatware goes it is most anything added that you do not or will not use. For me that isn't all Verizon stuff, but mostly. For example the games that come preinstalled are bloatware if you have no intention of playing them. For me I included Amazon MP3, the Amazon App, Caller Name ID, the Games app, Mobile Hotspot, Messages, Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Setup Wizard, Slacker Radio, Tasks, Tunein Radio (because I have the paid version already), Voice Mail (because I use Google Voice), Accessories, Amazon Kindle, Audible, Backup Assistant Plus, Cloud, Google Game Play, Google Play Movies and TV, Kid Mode, NFL Mobile, Verizon Location Agent, Verizon Support and Protection, Verizon Tones, Video Calling, VZ Navigator, Watch, and Weather. Most of them I disabled in the app manager and those that I couldn't I hid in my app drawer.
    05-06-2014 10:38 AM
  3. PolarBear8's Avatar
    My list, redundant possibly but then again maybe not...

    Accessories, Amazon, Amazon app suite, Amazon Kindle, Amazon MP3, Appstore, Audible, Caller Name ID, Chrome Device Support, Cloud, Drive, EpsonPrintService, Flipboard, Google Play Books, Google Play Game, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Hangouts, HP Print Service Plugin, IMDb, Isis Mobile Wallet, Messages, Message+, MobilePrintSvc_CUPS, MobilePrintSvc_CUPS_Backend, My InfoZone, My Magazine, NFL Mobile, Print Spooler, S Voice, Samsung Print Service Plugin, Samsung Push Service, Setup Wizard, Slacker, Tags, Travel wallpaper, Verizon Location Agent, Verizon Support & Protection, Verizon Tones, VZ Navigator

    Looking for that can be "turned off" and what to do about those that don't allow me to turn off.
    05-06-2014 11:34 AM

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