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    Hi all,

    Had my S5 for a month of so, no problems whatsoever so far. However, woke up this morning and my S Planner widget (monthly view) won't display. It's just a bar to select saying "Restart Widget" and underneath that "Problem Loading Widget".

    I have tried everything I can think of, as well as a variety of vague advice from frantic Googleing. I've tried: removing the widget and re-adding it (obviously); removing it and restarting the phone; removing it, turning off phone and taking the battery out; clearing the data from the app entirely, removing it completely and re-adding it; basically everything I can think of!

    The actual app itself works perfectly fine! I can look at it no problem, and what's even weirder is that the Daily view for the widget works perfectly! But the moment I take it off and replace it with the Monthly view, it has the same error. I can even see the calendar for about a second, sometimes it even allows me to briefly click on one of the days, but it then goes into the error again.

    Anyone have any advice? I like this widget, and don't want to use a third-party one as I can't find one I like - ideally, I'd like this to just work!
    05-07-2014 04:14 AM

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