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    I am considering a secondary Android device and then decide whether to replace my primary device or not.

    My current device is S4 and I am extremely satisfied with it.The battery life is phenomenal , awesome camera and great screen (fan of AMOLED).'

    Then , Why second phone ? because I want to give my current phone to my mom (which will replace GS2) , GS2 is running not-so-good , So I tried putting a launcher (actually didn't improve anything) but she wants touchwiz back because she is habituated to touchwiz style and icons etc.

    So , I want to try out a new device and give her the device to replace S2.

    Some of you might be wondering ,
    "Why this silly question ?"
    "ofcourse GS5 is every bit better than GS4"

    Here's the problem ,
    I had very hard time while adapting to iOS 7 on my iPad because even though OS is same and familiar to iOS 6 , I had hard time to get adjusted to newer looks and newer adjustments made throughout the OS.

    So , I am not very sure If I am going to like Galaxy S5........

    On the other hand , Galaxy S5 has awesome build quality (more tougher) , water and dust resistance , newer processor , newer camera best display etc. which are pulling me away.Samsung dropped the ball with 3GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage.

    So My choice has become tougher because I am not sure how future proof is 2GB RAM especially with the price of GS5 which is skyrocketing (even more than Note III).......

    Note III on the other hand has same old camera ,and stuff but bigger battery , S-pen and 32GB Internal storage/ 3GB RAM/cheaper.....

    05-09-2014 10:17 AM
  2. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    The note having 3gb of RAM is because of the s pen software using a full gb to operate, so in actuality is uses 2 gb for the same functions gs4 or 5 would. GS5 is an upgrade over the GS4 and the note 3. Touchwiz has been upgraded and is actually pretty great. I go back and forth between Nova Prime and Touchwiz and it is as easy as a toggle switch to flip between the 2. With expandable memory up to 128gb, the 16gb in the phone is no big deal. This is all subject to opinion of course YMMV.
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    05-09-2014 10:25 AM

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