1. jer1953's Avatar
    My Galaxy S5 synchronises with my Outlook contacts (via Microsoft Exchange). On the Galaxy, the notes field in Contacts seems to have a size limitation, and will only show ~1,000 characters, truncating any information beyond that and preventing me from editing or adding information via the handset. This is annoying as many of my contact records contain far more than 1,000 characters of information in the notes field. Does anyone know if there is a way of removing the size limitation? Alternatively is there some 3rd party application that synchronises seamlessly with Outlook contacts via Microsoft Exchange?
    05-11-2014 08:20 PM
  2. chuckhager's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat. So is there a way to remove the size limit on the notes field in contacts? Or even a workaround?
    12-04-2014 03:52 PM
  3. t_wysocki's Avatar
    Same here! Why the low limits!?
    I bought an extra memory card for the phone when I got it but it sits empty because of the limitations built into the S5. Maybe the "Lollipop" update will help? Holding my breath.
    12-28-2014 06:57 PM
  4. homeseto's Avatar
    My workaround is to copy the contact notes and paste it into a word document. All the notes content then copy over.
    08-30-2015 02:26 AM
  5. mrwizardusa's Avatar
    This doesn't make any sense to me. When I'm on my phone the contact notes completely show, so how could I copy them to word. On my Outlook the notes are all there, but that isn't the issue.
    09-24-2015 07:42 PM
  6. TonyVov's Avatar
    I have same issue on Samsung S7.
    Contact notes > 1000 are being truncated on edit.
    This is really painful with permanent loss of data that is extremely frustrating.

    I am trying now an option I found on another BB.
    Contact Editor Free
    Marten Gajda

    This weird app loads itself and jumps in when the edit contact is clicked.
    I am very nervous from security point of view to use such an app but so far it is working well and has solved my problem.
    Would appreciate any other users feedback on this issue and what work arounds have been found.
    07-12-2016 04:01 PM
  7. matrallia22's Avatar
    Does somebody found a solution for that?
    I have this problem on a Honor X. We are in 2018...this problem must have a solution I gues, but I can't find it...
    Thanks for your help...
    07-17-2018 08:13 PM
  8. Rukbat's Avatar
    The solution is for someone to write an app that actually synchronizes with Outlook. Google doesn't support Outlook, that's a Microsoft product, so either MS or some independent developer will have to write apps (contacts, calendars, emails, etc.) or a single app to synchronize with Outlook. The Google Contacts app synchronizes just fine with Google Contacts.
    07-18-2018 02:24 PM

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