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    Picked up an S5 after years of iPhones, Which i bought from the three store in the UK.

    After installing a few apps i started to get error 24 installing netflix. I didnt fancy doing a factory reset so i routed my phone to use a root browser to remove the temp files which resolved my issue (but of course i still had to do a factory reset) However i didn't realise that android confirms if its official or not and then doesn't receive OTA updates.

    I'm not much into messing with releases these days so i downloaded the stock UK firmware (NCE) from sammobile and it now says official after flashing it.

    However i notice that there is an OTA update out today (NC2) which i'm not getting when i check for updates (the message says latest update installed).

    Is this simply a case of the update not having rolled out to everyone yet or does the update checker use the serial number of my phone to check that it should be on the H3G UK firmware rather than the stock UK firmware? Kies also states the firmware is up to date.

    Thanks for any advice
    05-12-2014 11:27 AM

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