1. hwldknights's Avatar
    Hello Everyone.

    I used to own the Iphone and Im new to Android phone. I now own the Galaxy S5.When i had my Iphone i would make my own contact pics, wallpaper,and lock screen pics. I was able to get the right size to fill the screen up.Does anyone know what the right size is for Phone Contacts and Wallpaper/Lockscreen ? Thanks
    05-12-2014 09:19 PM
  2. sjaduae's Avatar
    Look at thread on stock wallpaper or take a snapshot and use the same size


    A lot of apps let you select area you want to use
    05-13-2014 11:31 AM
  3. wookiee2cu's Avatar
    wallpapers are 1080x1920, not sure about contacts.
    hwldknights likes this.
    05-13-2014 04:19 PM

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