08-22-2016 03:54 PM
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  1. konvajw's Avatar
    Just to close the loop on this, sure enough I did mess up my 4g connection by doing the *228 roaming profile update! Verizon technical support did push a change to my phone that updated the PRL version back to what it was and that fixed my problem completely. They also sent me a new SIM card just in case, but I didn't even need it so now I have a spare. Hope this helps others avoid the problem (even though most know not to do roaming profile updates anymore for 4g phones!)

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    06-04-2014 10:34 AM
  2. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    So....is there a fix coming for this? I've had to toggle airplane mode to get my LTE back.....sometimes I use my phone for navigation....am I going to have to toggle airplane mode all the damn time ...sigh....UIGGGG
    06-04-2014 04:22 PM
  3. Netherscourge's Avatar
    Have you tried turning off SMART SWITCH in the network settings?

    It's in Settings, WIFI, Settings, Advanced, "Smart Network Switch".

    You'll be forced to switch to WIFI/DATA manually, but it'll maintain a single connection until it's lost.

    I'm on Sprint with my S5, but I always have either a WIFI or LTE connection unless I'm driving through a "dead zone" Then it'll go down to 3G until I pass through.

    EDIT - also, you might want to turn on/off Connections Optimizer too, in Network Settings. One of those will automatically switch to the strongest signal, but not necessarily the fastest signal.
    06-04-2014 05:22 PM
  4. Liam Unger's Avatar
    The issue is definitely around with Verizon too. I was great up until about a month ago. Since then I haven't really had much time to mess around and reboot/toggle airplane mode to get 4G. I'm in NYC and never had an issue the first few months. It's real annoying, since I do a lot of remote support (logmein) from my phone while on a call, and that's not possible on 3G.

    I will take a look at the settings options people recommended. I did not dial *228 or anything, it just stopped working normally by itself.

    If it wasn't such a pain in the *** to set up the phone, I would just have them swap mine. Every few months. I don't care.
    08-18-2014 07:23 AM
  5. Joseph Kirkland's Avatar
    I upgraded from a Droid 4 to a Galaxy S5 on Verizon on September 6, 2014. I experienced this exact issue. Verizon replaced the pone 3 times and the sim card 6 times. It was clearly a Verizon problem because none of that worked and when my sim card was placed in a Galaxy S4 and theirs in my phone, the S4 experienced the drop back to 3g and I did not. I had a total of 4 tickets open with Verizon over the course of the issue and Samsung customer support said it was a Verizon issue.

    Out of the blue, yesterday (September 28) the problem was corrected, No call from customer support (or lack of support). When I visited the Verizon store, I was told there had been a software roll-out to their switch and that maybe that cured the problem. It seems to be working fine now but that was 3 weeks without 4g or any explanation or concession for the trouble and inconvenience (10 hours in the Verizon store and setting up 3 phones).

    I hope it is permanently fixed now.
    09-28-2014 04:39 PM
  6. Anthony Trentacosti's Avatar
    Had the same issue it was the SIMM. Card
    06-01-2015 07:26 PM
  7. Willie will's Avatar
    I had the same problem. My phone was verizon but with page plus Sim card. All I did to fix mine was power off the phone and remove the battery and the Sim card for 30 seconds put it back in and powered up the phone and Fixed.
    03-19-2016 07:10 PM
  8. Anna Harris1's Avatar
    As of a few days ago, my S5 won't hold a 4g LTE connection for longer than a few minutes. (It worked perfectly fine for several weeks prior to few days ago). The only thing I can think of that I did was do a Verizon roaming profile update (or at least try to since until reading other forums I didn't realize I don't need to do the *228 updates anymore since handled now by 4g sim card). Could me doing the *228 update cause my current problems not holding a 4g connection? I have a support ticket in with Verizon also (and they can actually see my 3g usage going way up vs. 4g since few days ago), but I figured I would check with my usual forum experts in the mean time as well.

    Just a note when I power off my phone and turn it back on, I do initially connect to strong 4g LTE signal - but it only lasts for a few minutes before falling back to 3g. I have also removed and reseat my sim card with no luck via that approach. Thanks for any guidance!

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    05-25-2016 02:42 PM
  9. Anna Harris1's Avatar
    I had trouble with my S5 dropping to 3G the time. After MANY MANY calls to technical support and several factory resets, I finally got results by getting a new SIM card.
    05-25-2016 02:44 PM
  10. Samboy9311's Avatar
    Try going to mobile networks and see if u have the option to switch it to CDMA/LTE that way it perfers lte over 3g. For pic click here. https://s.amsu.ng/K6QZIt97TvqN
    08-22-2016 03:54 PM
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