1. iamloco724's Avatar
    I just got the device im coming from an HTC DNA this is my first Samsung phone for myself i have played with my girlfriends S4 and my dads S3 before though

    With the camera when i take a picture it says "Hold the device steady until it finishes taking the picture" this seems very annoying why doesn't it just take the picture, sometime it does but more often then not thats the message i get i want it to be quick not have to wait 5-8 seconds or whatever it is

    On my old android phones i use to be able to create a shortcut of battery status in the settings where if i click that i would get a few details including how long my device has been unplugged, is there anyway to get that shortcut on the S5?

    This was also my first time upgrading through Best Buy, i know i have 30 days to exchange is that 30 days from the order date or 30 days from receiving the phone in the mail?

    Who provides the best mobile insurance? and how long do i have to add it?

    These are my questions for now im sure i will stumble into more as i have only been playing with it for a few hours now
    05-13-2014 06:50 PM
  2. buenos's Avatar
    1 - Turn off Picture stabilization...(little hand icon with 2 waves) S5 has it on by default. supposed to help stabilize and take better low light shots...but who wants to wait 10 secs to snap a photo??

    2 - Not aware of any built-in one but i use GSam battery monitor that has a great widget you can use...lots of helpful info too.

    3 - usually 30 days from when its was purchased. or hit your card or bank?

    4 - Really just preferance, bestbuy is 10/month, you get like 2 exchanges a year...verizon is $6 - 8 - 10/month depending on features....
    i have the 8 because for $2 more i dont need the "extra support"???

    hope this helps.....
    05-13-2014 07:54 PM
  3. fantom305's Avatar
    I have Assurion ....... I got it thru TMobile...... and is damage and loss for 8 bucks........ and for 2 more I get the JUMP, which gives me a new phone every 6 months if I want to ..... nothing owed........
    05-14-2014 12:02 AM

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