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    Every time I tried to type a new message or hold my curser down to insert a words or make a correction, the "paste"option would pop up and not allow me to anything. I tapped it and the last thing I had pasted onto a message came up again. This kept happening. It drove me crazy. I tried everything to get rid of it.(texted myself with the pasted mssg. & then deleted it., tried copying & pasting different text, rebooted my phone, Googled it & discovered I wasn't alone and nobody had a solution. I eventually figured it out. (perservereance or stubbornness?) I switched from mssg+ back to mssg. When I did that, my clipboard popped up with the two messages that had been pasting with the option to "delete". I deleted my clipboard and "whalah"!
    05-15-2014 02:15 PM

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