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    While looking through my Sprint S5's More Networks menu on the settings menu, I noticed an option in the Roaming Guard for GSM networks, it splits Voice, Data, and Outgoing Text Messages. Then on the Roaming Settings, I have the option for GSM networks for Data. Back 1 menu under the more networks and I have the option under mobile networks to switch to Automatic from the default LTE/CDMA option, there is CDMA and GSM/UTMS as well. If I switch to Automatic, is that purely for international roaming? Sorry if I sound like a n00b but this is my first international Sprint phone, but I'm thinking it won't work on US GSM networks, am I right that the Automatic will really only go off CDMA/LTE if I'm out of the US? Also, as a side question, Mexico is out of the US, I'm guessing that is International Roaming and I'd want it when I go there at some point, right?
    05-16-2014 05:34 PM

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