08-23-2017 06:47 AM
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  1. HowardArizona's Avatar
    "Turned Off" all Trusted Credentials that disabled access to the internet. Started "Turn On" / "OK" for the following that enabled internet access (not sure all are required, but you can experiment to fine tune this list):
    1) AC Camerfirms (all)
    2) AddTrust (all)
    3) AffirmTrust (all)
    4) America Online Inc. (all)
    5) Atos
    6) Baltimore
    7) Buypass (all)
    8) certSIGN
    9) CNNIC
    10) Cybertrust, Inc
    11) D-Trust GmbH
    12) DigiCert Inc (all)
    13) Digit Signature Trust & ...Co.
    14) EDICOM
    15) Entrust, Inc. (all)
    16) Entrust.net (all)
    17) Equifax ... (all)
    18) GeoTrust Inc. (all)
    19) GlobalSign (all)
    20) Government Root Certification Authority
    21) GTE Corporation
    22) Network Solutions L.L.C.
    23) Secure Trut Corporation (all)
    24) Starfield Technologies, Inc. (all)
    25) StartCom Ltd. (all)
    26) T-Systems Enterprise Services Gmbh (all)
    27) TC TrustCenter Gmbh (all)
    28) The USERTRUST Network (all)
    29) Trustis Limited
    30) VeriSign, Inc. (all)
    31) VISA
    32) WISeKey
    33) XRamp Security Servics Inc.
    May note the above are a) root(s) specified and/or b) refer to possible USA certification authorities as opposed to off-shore or foreign.
    Takeaway: May encounter "denied access" even with the above list ... or may trim the above and attempt to access PLAY STORE ... which was the test site employed for the above. Random selection / start of what may be a defined list of CAs.....
    07-27-2017 09:18 PM
  2. diane watson2's Avatar
    google explains how to use your android, the do's and dont's. if you don't have a google acct. you should get one... start by getting a gmail acct. google will break it down for you, they have video to teach you. good luck
    08-23-2017 06:47 AM
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