11-26-2018 01:34 PM
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  1. HowardArizona's Avatar
    "Turned Off" all Trusted Credentials that disabled access to the internet. Started "Turn On" / "OK" for the following that enabled internet access (not sure all are required, but you can experiment to fine tune this list):
    1) AC Camerfirms (all)
    2) AddTrust (all)
    3) AffirmTrust (all)
    4) America Online Inc. (all)
    5) Atos
    6) Baltimore
    7) Buypass (all)
    8) certSIGN
    9) CNNIC
    10) Cybertrust, Inc
    11) D-Trust GmbH
    12) DigiCert Inc (all)
    13) Digit Signature Trust & ...Co.
    14) EDICOM
    15) Entrust, Inc. (all)
    16) Entrust.net (all)
    17) Equifax ... (all)
    18) GeoTrust Inc. (all)
    19) GlobalSign (all)
    20) Government Root Certification Authority
    21) GTE Corporation
    22) Network Solutions L.L.C.
    23) Secure Trut Corporation (all)
    24) Starfield Technologies, Inc. (all)
    25) StartCom Ltd. (all)
    26) T-Systems Enterprise Services Gmbh (all)
    27) TC TrustCenter Gmbh (all)
    28) The USERTRUST Network (all)
    29) Trustis Limited
    30) VeriSign, Inc. (all)
    31) VISA
    32) WISeKey
    33) XRamp Security Servics Inc.
    May note the above are a) root(s) specified and/or b) refer to possible USA certification authorities as opposed to off-shore or foreign.
    Takeaway: May encounter "denied access" even with the above list ... or may trim the above and attempt to access PLAY STORE ... which was the test site employed for the above. Random selection / start of what may be a defined list of CAs.....
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    07-27-2017 09:18 PM
  2. diane watson2's Avatar
    google explains how to use your android, the do's and dont's. if you don't have a google acct. you should get one... start by getting a gmail acct. google will break it down for you, they have video to teach you. good luck
    08-23-2017 06:47 AM
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    El_Buhdai I sent you a private message yesterday, as I am new to commenting on public forums, I'm not sure if I did it right. Can you confirm you got my message? Thank you!
    06-10-2018 05:35 PM
  4. Chyija's Avatar
    After reading all these comments yesterday, this morning, my SENIOR (somewhat savy) self was on that "Trusted Certification" page doing something else, when my dog suddenly jumped on my lap causing me to almost drop my phone. As, I tried to catch it, I must have hit the clear button because the option to reinstall them was bolded, I hit yes and sent to a page that says, "install from what file and they're all n computer language, none say trusted certificates. I am trying to open each file and see if I can figure out what file.....in the meantime, I just want any computer/Android cell phone Senior or not to know that.....I support and agree with your concerns....if "they want us to buy thier products, use thier services and keep up with today's technology then help us learn....instead of monitoring our movements, ie Seniors (Dr visits, grocery trips and oh the phamacy trips for those less active/disabled seniors) listening in on our calls (ranting abt our adult children, costs of bananas or our medical problems, occasional weather concern) or looking at our surroundings, friends, Bingo, Quilting qroups, etc through our cameras. There is such an overall win win option for helping us. For one sales for smartphones instead of the geriactic phones would go up. They could eradicate the need for sons/daughter's to pay for the "I've fallen and can't get up" service. I'm not saying it's a total solution without its own individual problems but with a tutoring option offered instead of invading our privacy, cause they can, try doing something good for our country parent's that gave them LIFE so that could learn/teach/produce this new technology. Rant over!
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    06-10-2018 07:00 PM
  5. Chyija's Avatar
    Thank you, I just accidentally cleared mine and don't know what file I'm supposed to select from to reinstall. Thanks again.
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    06-10-2018 07:04 PM
  6. Snakey Joe's Avatar
    If you're wondering which ones you actually need to be able to surf the web, that depends on the websites you want to visit. I suggest disabling all of your trusted credentials, going on a browser on a different device (computer/laptop, tablet, etc.), and going to the website you need access to. Click the lock and view the name of the certificate they use. Then enable that specific certificate on your android. You should be able to browse that site only. Do this with other websites you tend to visit more often and you will have access to them. If there usually no limits to where you browse, you might as well keep all your certificates enabled since it would be a hassle to keep configuring these settings. I can't believe no-one provided this information on the internet. You're the lucky first. I don't get paid enough for this.
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    08-06-2018 05:29 PM
  7. Snakey Joe's Avatar
    Yeah whoever is telling ya'll to clear is either deliberately trying to troll you or they themselves don't know. Not only will you not have access to the web, but you will have to pull your credentials back out from android's *** just to correct the mistake. There should be an option to disable them individually and reenable when needed again.
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    08-06-2018 05:32 PM
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    Hello all, I m new here so please be patient if I can't navigate this forum yet but I'm a very fast learner, so in a day or two I can find my way around.
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    09-22-2018 05:06 AM
  9. gendo667's Avatar
    Hello all, I m new here so please be patient if I can't navigate this forum yet but I'm a very fast learner, so in a day or two I can find my way around.
    Take your time. Good to have you.
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    09-22-2018 07:33 AM
  10. taco cat news's Avatar
    I think it's sad that literally no one notices these that these aren't address at all.
    11-26-2018 01:34 PM
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