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    I had a Galaxy T989 and yeah, sure sometimes the internet was slow..I would see the blue bar go a quarter of the way across then stop..but if i waited it would slowly catch up and load the page. BUT New S5, 3 out of 15 tries to hit data the blue bar goes quarter of the way then stops COMPLEATLEY..after a long while Chrome or Google would tell me it could not connect to internet. I would try other services to sync/search etc but get the spinny thing. Then maybe a minute later it would be fine again. On my old phone if internet was slow or busy, i could stop and at least sync another app, but this time it is all or nothing. On my old and new phone i use Network Signal Speed Booster App and it used to help me on my old phone, but this phone does not do anything. I try to refresh by going into flight mode then out again, but that whole process takes a minute..the same time as my data black out. All times of day..all locations in the city. I even swapped my sim card and same thing. My carrier (Telus up here in Canada) says phone is possibly defective..anyone have similar symptoms?
    05-20-2014 02:40 PM

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