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    This is my first time posting to this board, and I hope I'm not repeating a question that has already been posted (I looked extensively and couldn't find anything). I recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S2 to the S5. I am loving the phone except for the syncing of the Outlook (Exchange) calendar. I use multiple calendars in Outlook (for my work), but only want one of the calendars to sync to my phone (my main calendar only - the others are group calendars that I do not need to see on my phone; however, I am the owner of each of these calendars [not sure if that is important or not]). The problem I'm having is that the S5 is grouping my calendars into one calendar. I cannot choose which calendar I would like to see/sync, so the group calendar information is overpopulating my calendar (I use the S Planner calendar that comes with the Galaxies). I really just want the one (main) calendar to sync.

    I thought the issue was in the S5's on-board S Planner calendar, so I disabled that and downloaded the Google calendar app. Much to my surprise, the same thing happened. This lead me to believe that it is something in how the S5 is syncing with the Exchange calendars.

    I also have a Galaxy Tab 2 running the most recent software update (sorry, I don't know what it is), and it only syncs the main Outlook (Exchange) calendar ... not all of them. This is also how it was with my S2.

    Please help ... all the extraneous information in my calendar is very frustrating!

    Oh, and I do not have a rooted phone ... I don't know the first thing about rooting or managing a rooted phone, nor do I want to (I'm not that tech savvy).
    05-20-2014 02:54 PM
  2. prlundberg's Avatar
    I had the same problem with Outlook.com. I solved it by downloading the Outlook.com app. It doesn't come with a calendar, but it will sync multiple Outlook.com calendars properly with the phone's calendar.

    If you use a Windows 8 calendar app with no issues I would think it should work, although since you are on a corporate Exchange system I'm not sure.

    Edit: I forgot that although it displayed the calendars properly on Samsung's calendar, I still couldn't create events for individual Outlook calendars. However I can with Google's calendar app, so that's what I use now. Which is fine, because I prefer Google's widget anyway.
    05-20-2014 03:02 PM
  3. Emm K's Avatar
    Thanks for your response prlundberg. I'm not sure how that will work on our corporate exchange system, but I will check with IT to see what they say.
    05-21-2014 10:04 AM
  4. prlundberg's Avatar
    Thanks for your response prlundberg. I'm not sure how that will work on our corporate exchange system, but I will check with IT to see what they say.
    I'm pretty sure that since you are able to sign on to your account now and get your calendar, just not seperated out, that it should work.
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    05-21-2014 10:56 AM
  5. ibejedi's Avatar
    Hi EmmK -- Came across this thread on Google -- did this solution work for you? I too have been trying to find a way to only sync one of my Outlook calendars (my main one), and not the others I have. I'm also working off a corporate exchange. Haven't had any luck finding a solution yet. Thanks!!
    09-30-2014 08:22 PM
  6. Emm K's Avatar
    Unfortunately I never did find a solution. My only work-around is to use two calendars. I use the S-planner to view my work (Outlook-synced) calendars only, and I downloaded the Sunrise calendar app from Playstore for my other calendars. I would prefer not to manage two separate calendar apps, but it's better than having all that extraneous work information cluttering up my personal calendars.
    08-31-2015 10:15 AM

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