1. Greg C's Avatar
    Hello my S5 peeps. I just wanted to remind you that Memorial Day isn't about sales and camping, but about those who died the service of our country. Could you imagine if North Korea won the Korean War? No Samsung. But in all seriousness.. let's keep those who died and and their families in our hearts.
    05-23-2014 04:38 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I agree! Happy and safe Memorial Day to everyone.

    From a Slim M8 and the AC Forums app.
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    05-23-2014 04:57 PM
  3. kirkturk's Avatar
    Stay safe and be careful.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    05-23-2014 06:25 PM
  4. mark5019's Avatar
    Yes happy Memorial Day to all our vets former past and present
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    05-23-2014 09:04 PM
  5. eyecon82's Avatar
    Agreed, but what a waste of a post. This is for Galaxy S5 discussion

    -Sent from Tapatalk
    Topgonzo likes this.
    05-24-2014 05:27 PM
  6. mark5019's Avatar
    to wish vets isnt a waste but........
    05-24-2014 08:41 PM
  7. eyecon82's Avatar
    to wish vets isnt a waste but........
    of course not....but there's a separate forum for that
    05-24-2014 09:02 PM

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