1. woahohkelsey's Avatar
    I wanted to try it out so I set it up. Now I have no idea how to delete the remote. It is stuck on my lock screen. How do I delete the remotes? I don't want to use it anymore.
    05-24-2014 05:15 PM
  2. BrainSmashR's Avatar
    Open the app and click the 3 dots in the top right corner, then uncheck "auto display remote control on lockscreen".
    05-24-2014 05:19 PM
  3. woahohkelsey's Avatar
    I wanted to completely delete it, not just get it off the home screen. I found out how to do that right after making this post.
    05-24-2014 05:20 PM
  4. JakePleasants's Avatar
    Go into Smart Remote, click the dots in the upper-righthand corner, settings, scroll to the bottom, then choose 'Reset Smart Remote'.
    woahohkelsey likes this.
    05-24-2014 06:28 PM
  5. SurjeetS's Avatar

    can u tell me how to remove TV remote that u have found...

    Please tell me I am also having same prob that u had before...

    Please tell me ASAP
    09-15-2015 11:22 PM
  6. SurjeetS's Avatar
    There is no option in setting "rest smart remote", I have galaxy s5
    09-15-2015 11:25 PM
  7. SurjeetS's Avatar
    please tell me, I am also having same prob, how to completely delete it...
    09-15-2015 11:26 PM

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