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    My s5 lock screen hangs when ever a notification arrives. It freezes for about 5 seconds then unfreezes. I notice a sound widget for the notifaction is present. How do I turn that off. Its a notification sound not music control short cut at the lock screen. I dont know how to disable it. Attach is my screen cap want to remove that sound control. No music app is open or active. Please help how to disableit.


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    05-26-2014 06:02 AM
  2. Masum56k's Avatar
    Restart your device.
    If still facing the same, then try to reset your device.
    May it'll solve your issue.

    Btw, I never faced this kind of panic.

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    05-26-2014 01:14 PM
  3. AZgl1500's Avatar
    Might not be ideal for you, but I turned OFF all Notifications.

    Life is a lot simpler without all of that junk mail.
    05-26-2014 01:33 PM
  4. hubeschan's Avatar
    Solved the problem. I Installed a memory booster. When ever I lock the device the memorybooster runs. During the boosting the phone freezes.

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    05-27-2014 08:04 PM

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