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    Jsut got rid of the Iphone 5s and went with the S5 and am very very happy with the phone. It's amazing how much you can do with android and the S5. My questions are :

    A- Where is the ok google widget that I seen on the default home screen? I want to put that on my home screen when I have Nova launcher running?

    B- can some of you point me in the right direction via a link or post some screenies how how you guys have your phone setup with Nova? I am kind of new and was wondering what tiy guys have on the screens? Thanks...
    06-01-2014 10:25 AM
  2. bembol's Avatar
    Not sure if the update, 3.0 (coming soon) will enable Okay, Google.

    When I first learned about (Nova) launchers too, it was just basically trial and error. I went through each setting and played around with it until I was happy.

    Depending how anal you are (LOL) it can be a PITA.

    This was a week or two ago.

    Attachment 118834

    I spent a lot time trying to get the right icon & font, especial the Simple Tex "GODZILLA 545hp / 464tq"

    ok Google widget and nova launcher question-novaprime_zpsc415e51c.png

    My dream car. This is my Z2 set up which is similar to my S5.

    This is my set up which includes HD Widgets & Simple Text. Nova Prime with Gestures...

    Home Button = Chrome
    Double Tap = tapatalk PRO app
    Swipe Up = Textra
    Swipe Down = Phone
    Two Fingers Up = Google Play Music
    Two Fingers Down = mx Player Pro
    Rotate CC = Nova Settings
    Pinch In = Notification Bar
    Pinch Out = App Drawer
    Iron Man icon = Favorite apps
    06-01-2014 10:43 AM

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