1. Alon Soler's Avatar
    Hey, I just bought a new Galaxy S5.
    Every time i shut down and reopen the phone I get a notification as if the back cover isn't closed properly and it can hurt the water & dirt resistance.
    The shop I bought it from says that it's normal and it's like that in every phone.
    Can anyone affirm this? Is it some weird bug?
    obviously, I rechecked that the back cover IS closed properly.
    06-03-2014 06:45 AM
  2. sweetypie31's Avatar
    Mine does that as well whenever I restart my phone.

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    06-03-2014 06:51 AM
  3. ahj4513's Avatar
    it is there as a precaution

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    06-03-2014 06:53 AM
  4. Chief G-Hawk's Avatar
    Mine does it as well even if you have it closed tightly. I think it's just a reminder to make sure that it's sealed tight.
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    06-03-2014 06:53 AM
  5. STARGATE's Avatar
    Hello Alon, welcome to the forums! 🙋

    I agree with ahj and whiteipad. 👆

    Sent From Inside The TARDIS in a Galaxy S4 Away!
    06-03-2014 08:56 AM
  6. Jon Jackson's Avatar
    First time I got that message, there was a box to be checked to not see that message again. I've had my phone since 3 days after launch and restarted the phone dozens of times, I don't get that message.
    06-03-2014 09:30 AM
  7. oreodoh's Avatar
    I also get the message but thought it was because I popped open the case to install a new SD card. Apparently not! I opened the case up again, then resealed it making sure every crack and crevice was secure. Still got the message after powering the device on again. Nice to hear I'm not alone!

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    06-03-2014 05:07 PM
  8. SanDeggo's Avatar
    It is Samsung's way of saying "If your back cover is slightly open, we will know and will not cover your warranty". Basically it is to protect their buttocks from any potential lawsuit. We are in Murica after all.
    06-03-2014 05:57 PM

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