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    I've owned the S5 for about 10 days. I loaded the Rhapsody music app on day 1 and had no problem connecting and playing music. 6 days later, when I selected music to play, the song stopped after 10 seconds. Didn't matter if I was using wifi or Verizon. I cleared the cache, removed and reloaded the app. The problem persisted. On day 8, the app refused to accept my login. I continued getting a message box stating "Sign in Failed. Failed to connect. Check your connection and try again." Thinking that there may be a problem with Rhapsody, I tried it on my Samsung tablet without a problem. I contacted a Rhapsody tech, who promised to call within 15 minutes. Of course they didn't call and haven't responded in 2 days. Has anyone had a similar problem with the Rhapsody app and have a solution.? In the meantime, I'm using Pandora without a problem. Thanks.
    06-03-2014 09:04 AM

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