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    Recently I was messing around with the Samsung keyboard on my new phone and tapped and held the square to the right of the "Symbols" button. I then clicked the button allowing me to actually draw out the words I want. My keyboard did not go into the free writing screen and know I am stuck with a keyboard that is a lot slower and can not press and hold keys to get to more options on every key. In addition to all that, the keys I press don't always actually get pressed, it only makes a noise saying the key got pressed without showing anything in the text. I've reset the Samsung keyboard, but the problem is still there. Does any one know how to fix this or even what is wrong with my phone?
    06-06-2014 01:34 AM
  2. FlipThePancakes's Avatar
    ...Nevermind, I restarted the device and now everything is back to normal
    06-06-2014 01:38 AM

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