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    Hey everyone, first post here and I have a little problem. I just bought a Galaxy s5 (obviously) and it works great and I'm really enjoying it, however, one thing has been really bugging me. I've noticed that the phone's headphone jack is extremely loose. It works fine, but even the slightest amount of pressure can pull it out. I've tested many different headphones:

    -My over the ear, Audio Technica headphones slide out just by shaking them. They don't even stay in properly.
    -My old Razer headset stays in, but can be pulled out extremely easily.
    -Even the default headphones, while they stay in the best, can be removed with barely any pressure applied.

    So what's the deal? Did I get a dud? Are all the phones this loose feeling? Literally none of the headphones I tried gave me the "tight" feeling like they should. Heck, I even used a toothpick to see if everything was clear, and it was.

    Am I'm I just not pushing them in all the way? I've tried pushing them pretty hard, and I'm pretty sure they are in all the way considering a measured the size using the toothpick. I don't want to break the phone trying to get them in. Should the plastic of the headphone jack be touching the phone, or should there be a little bit of metal showing? Did anyone else have this problem?

    Honestly this is a huge bummer.

    06-09-2014 08:19 PM
  2. Wotsa's Avatar
    False alarm. Looks like I had to press REALLY hard to get it in there.

    Wow, I was kind of afraid of breaking it. lol
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    06-09-2014 08:39 PM

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