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    I've recently switched to VZW Galaxy S5 from Sprint, and so far I'm pretty satisfied with the new service. I am having problems in one area though. I have an OpenVPN access server set up on my home network which I connect to using the OpenVPN Connect Android app for access to my home network resources on my phone. I had no problem at all with it on Sprint, but when I try using it on my new phone it will connect and work fine for a few seconds, then it seems like the mobile data connection resets, the VPN disconnects, my SIP app disconnects, the Steam app disconnects then a few seconds later they all reconnect again. Then a second or two after that they all disconnect again, reconnect, disconnect, etc. I can use the VPN connection for the few seconds it's connected but obviously the constant disconnect/reconnect makes it not very useful. Does VZW interfere with VPN connections?
    06-13-2014 09:57 AM

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