1. PsychDoc's Avatar
    I think it's a great feature but one that simply doesn't work. I have it set to on and it seems to do nothing. The only indication I can see that it's even engaged is a little eye icon appears briefly in the notification bar right before the screen goes dark.

    Talk about counterintuitive. Shouldn't that be the signal that it's aware that I'm looking at the screen and then stay lit? Instead it appears 2"-3" before the screen shuts down.

    Have any of you gotten this feature to work properly?

    Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    06-19-2014 06:49 AM
  2. bbmjack's Avatar
    No I don't it never work
    06-19-2014 07:38 AM
  3. TechGod2014's Avatar
    Hasn't worked for me ever! Not even on my S4

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    06-19-2014 08:02 AM
  4. dactyl2's Avatar
    Works OK on my S5, but only when screen is almost vertical.
    When lowered to horizontal next time the screen is due to go off it will about 3 seconds after the little eye appears.
    06-19-2014 08:52 AM
  5. monicakm's Avatar
    Mine used to work perfectly. In fact I suggested to someone here to turn it on so their lock screen would stay on longer. But lately it's kinda finicky. I knew from having my GN/2014 since last Christmas that if the room was darkish or eyes half closed, it wouldn't work. I have my screen timeout set to 2 minutes. I tested it this morning and it didn't work. I turned the feature off and then back on and set the timeout to 30 seconds (just so I wouldn't have to wait so long) and it worked several times in a row. Turned it back to 2 minutes and it worked...then it didn't. I don't know what's going on with it. It *seems* like this started around the same time my phone started turning on by it's self. Still haven't figured that out (but haven't tried too hard yet either).
    06-19-2014 09:52 AM
  6. teristark's Avatar
    I have it on all the time but didn't realize it works on the lock screen. I just tried it and it kept it open longer than usual but I had to take my glasses of in order for it to work. It eventually stopped, probably due to the fact that I am in a low light room. I haven't had any problem with it that I'm aware of.
    06-19-2014 06:07 PM
  7. Greg C's Avatar
    It works for me perfectly.
    06-19-2014 08:08 PM
  8. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    On my S3 it worked perfectly
    On my S4 it didn't really work too well
    On the S5...I have it off lol
    06-19-2014 09:24 PM
  9. troshs's Avatar
    If you have glasses it will nullify it as well...

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    06-21-2014 12:06 AM
  10. TechGod2014's Avatar
    Will a glass screen protector affect it?

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    06-21-2014 07:02 AM
  11. 67srbell's Avatar
    I'm in my bed now, it is 930 am, wearing my glasses, holding the phone above my head horizontally and it is working absolutely perfectly...

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    06-21-2014 09:38 AM

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